Spectacular storm chase

Stormchasers in Wyoming captured time-lapse video of a spectacular super-cell that really shows the amazing power and terrifying beauty of this sky phenomenon.

DON’T go chasing storms like this unless you really know what you’re doing — they can be really dangerous, and driving around near them is very, very dangerous. (Trust me on this — been there, done that, did some things that, in hindsight, were really dangerous and stupid.)

Who gives the most? A curious finding…

Who are the most charitable people and countries in the world? It’s a complex question because charity can be measured so many ways. (The U.S. Navy rushed in and set up massive medical support and provision of water after the giant Indonesian Christmas-day quake in 2004, something that probably no one but the U.S. Navy could have done; it probably saved thousands of lives. But how does one measure something like that?)

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Google driving “trick”

Google has invested years and many millions of dollars developing a self-driving cars. And their progress has been remarkable: Those who have ridden in Google’s self-driving cars (always with a human driver in place and ready to take over, of course) have reported that the robotic cars drive so well they’re downright boring: they drive smoothly, safely, and one could even say intelligently.
But it turns out there’s a little trick involved, in fact the more I think about it the more I’m inclined to call it a very BIG trick, and the Google-bots’ ability to drive well could reallly be much more limited than it seems. This article from The Atlantic explains — click on the photo of the Google-bot car for the details.

Gluten: What you think…

… may all be wrong.

At least in the case of glucose intolerance, the same researcher that stirred up much of the brou-ha-ha about the dangers of gluten may have now found evidence to the contrary — or at least that much of the fear is very much misplaced. In fact, it’s looking like much of the the glucose sensitivity everyone was panicked about may not exist at all.

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