Doctorate in Eggery


Do you know how to boil an egg?
“Of course I do,” you reply.

But in fact NO YOU DON’T, a least not like J. Kenji López-Alt of’s Food Lab knows how to boil an egg. In what would surely qualify as a PhD.-level thesis on how to achieve the ultimate boiled egg, Mr López-Alt explains and illustrates more than I ever thought was known about the art and science of boiling an egg, not only simple questions such as whether to start with warm or cold eggs (always cold if possible) to what happens at the molecular protein level of the egg membrane during cooking. Amazing.

In the end you’ll probably know more about boiled eggs than you ever thought could be known (or perhaps ever wanted to know), but you’ll certainly know how to make the best boiled eggs ever. Worth reading, it really is.

Enjoy, and pass the salt, please.