Gluten: What you think…

… may all be wrong.

At least in the case of glucose intolerance, the same researcher that stirred up much of the brou-ha-ha about the dangers of gluten may have now found evidence to the contrary — or at least that much of the fear is very much misplaced. In fact, it’s looking like much of the the glucose sensitivity everyone was panicked about may not exist at all.

Are you surprised by that? You shouldn’t be. Life experience over the last few decades should teach us that broad pronouncements that trigger diet panics — such as the nonsense panic about gluten — are very often wrong. Yet the pop fads about health in general and nutrition in particular still sweep back and forth across the sheeple masses like a herd disease and at times doing just as much damage. (Witness the millions of people, very often children, who have and will die because of the mindless and largely unfounded fears of vaccines.)

The cure for ignorance, of course, is information, sprinkled with a bit of skepticism. Don’t fall for every fad headlined in the pop news. Instead consult a few sources first, learn a bit about it before falling for it.

Try this at home: Next time someone voices the need to stay away from gluten, ask him or her what gluten is. Just that: What is it? They probably can’t tell you.

It’s a protein, by the way. Gluten is what gives wheat dough its elasticity, its doughiness. Did you know that?

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